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EDD: What are you wearing to school this week?


Wearing all of the things that only look good with bare legs and not with tights, since their time is fleeting.

Resisting the urge to wear fall things until it’s truly fall.

Not wearing fall clothing…truly a struggle. EVERYTHING I OWN IS FALL 

I have a love affair with olive green, brown, and muted colors. And dresses that are too short of not wear leggings with. And tank top shirts/dresses that require cardigans. 

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An assortment of terrestrial gastropods of Papua New Guinea.
Papua New Guinea has many remote jungles that contain hundreds of unique plants and animals. Among them, are the gastropods, which take on many strange and colorful forms here.

It is important to note the the first snail, Papustyla pulcherrima, or the Emerald Green Snail, is critically endangered. Its shell is a popular jewelry item, so these snails are hunted in large numbers for their shells.

From top to bottom, the gastropods pictured are Papustyla pulcherrima, Papustyla hindei, a Helicarionid, Taheitia sp., Pupinella sp.Paryphantopsis misimensis, and an Athoracophorid.

- All photos, with the exception of the picture of Papustyla pulcherrima, belong to John Slapcinsky, whose Flickr can be viewed here.
- The picture of Papustyla pulcherrima belongs to Brian Parkinson.

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this was the best scene ever… of all time

I need this in my life at all times.